With the most primitive means the artist creates something which the most ingenious and efficient technology will never be able to create. l Kasimir Malevich

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Studio Skye Gallery | Book Sculpture Collection

Sculptural Book Art for Journals, Albums, Guestbooks, and Scrapbooks

Book Sculpture | Gallery 1

Chop Shop Chic Book Sculpture Gallery

One of my favorite experiences was working at an auto salvage yard. My precious pooch, Chloe, and I would walk the yard and discovered amazing jewels in the junk. I was intrigued by these gems and on a daily basis collected bags of abandoned auto parts. The guys in the yard thought I was crazy! These books portray compilations of these ghost rider souvenirs.
Book Sculpture | Gallery 2

Eclectic Earth Book Sculpture Gallery

For five years, I owned and operated a Brazilian beach café in San Diego, California. I created a themed
environment combining surfing and jungle safari, designing and making everything by hand using anything tropical, natural, and earthy that I collected during treasure hunts at garage sales, dumpster dives, and alleyways. These books are another detour on this tropical trail.
Book Sculpture | Gallery 3

Funky Fresh Book Sculpture Gallery

Over the years, I’ve collected anything interesting that creatively inspired me, always telling myself that I didn’t really need it but convincing myself that it was too cool to pass up and would surely be used in future work. Needless to say, Pandora's box became quite full with troves of treasures. These books reveal the opening of that box and the creation of a little bit of everything.


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