Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.
l Pablo Picasso

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Latest Work by Artist Lilly Skye

Card Collection

CS1-Nature in FocusThank you all for your compliments on my card sculpture, which have inspired me to create a new mixed media card collection. Some time ago, an artist friend of mine suggested creating "scaled-down" versions of my wall sculpture. Little did I realize, that I was already doing this in card form! Normally, my cards are reserved for personal application, celebrating special occasions for family, friends, colleagues, and loved ones. This is the first collection I've created. Share with a loved one or perfect for framing and displaying. Hope you enjoy! Pictured here is "Key to Nowhere." View Card Sculpture Gallery »


Industrial Sun

CS1-Nature in FocusWhile roaming around the desert land of my Mom's house, Mom and I discovered an old wooden wagon wheel. The spokes were destroyed, but the wheel itself was absolutely beautiful, the wood completely weathered and worn. Wood and metal are my favorite materials to work with. As I began to design this work, sanding the wood down, creating and giving it new life with dark stain, it was so thirsty - absorbing the stain like its survival depended on it. I love the way different woods absorb stain, uncovering the grain and textures that often lie so subtle beneath. The main accent of this work is a metal spring from an antique chair that my brother scored for me. View Wall Sculpture Gallery »

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Latest Work
Latest Art by Lilly SkyeCard Collection ] Thank you all for your compliments on my card sculpture, which have inspired me to create a new card collection. Read More »
Latest Art by Lilly SkyeIndustrial Sun ] Made from an old, wooden wagon wheel reclaimed from the desert near my Mom's house. Read More »
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Upcoming Show | 06.01.12 } 8P-2A | Pancakes & Booze ] LA's famous underground art show is coming to Phoenix! Details »
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