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Pancakes & Booze

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CS1-Nature in FocusUpcoming Show | 06.01.12 | 8P-2A | Pancakes & Booze] LA's famous underground art show is coming to Phoenix! With shows in Los Angeles, Dallas, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Austin, Dallas, Nashville, Brooklyn, Denver, San Francisco, Portland, and Phoenix, come check out the show that has everyone talking.

Created by Arizona native Tom Kirlin, the Pancakes & Booze art show is billed as the largest underground art show in Los Angeles and features: over 75 Phoenix underground and emerging artists, FREE all-you-can-eat pancake bar, live body painting, and live audio and visual performances by Public Jones.

Don't miss this one-of-a-kind event: 06.01.12 | 8P-2A | The Duce at 525 S. Central Ave. / Phoenix, AZ 85004. Find out more »

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Latest Art by Lilly SkyeCard Collection ] Thank you all for your compliments on my card sculpture, which have inspired me to create a new card collection. Read More »
Latest Art by Lilly SkyeIndustrial Sun ] Made from an old, wooden wagon wheel reclaimed from the desert near my Mom's house. Read More »
Latest News
Upcoming Show | 06.01.12 } 8P-2A | Pancakes & Booze ] LA's famous underground art show is coming to Phoenix! Details »
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