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About Mixed Media Artist, Lilly Skye

Giving New Life to Recycled, Reclaimed Found Objects

Art is a powerful, subjective tool that enables an entry into an imaginative and interpretive world beyond the reality we think we know about our daily lives and experiences. Art is my passion, my release, my escape. It fuels my soul. I work in mixed media, taking discarded and found objects from the world around us and recycling these reclaimed gems to create works that are three-dimensional, visual, conceptual, and sculptural with detail, texture, and tactile features to stimulate the senses.

Lilly Skye and ChloeAs a self-taught artist, my work incorporates a broad range of mixed media including assemblage, collage, mosaics, and digital art using a variety of materials, my favorites being wood, metal, glass, and wire/wire tubing. When I create any art form, I get lost in my element and create with intense passion, critical thought, and meticulous detail. I’m constantly canvassing my environment for unique objects. My greatest treasure hunts find me scavenging alleys, pilferaging auto salvage yards (with permission, of course), and diving through dumpsters. Yes, I’m a true “chick picker.” I’m always experimenting with new techniques and approaches that challenge me to take my work to another level.

My professional background has taken me from Corporate America marketing project manager to restaurant entrepreneur to graphic designer/marketing consultant to bizarre odd jobs such as working at an auto salvage yard. Each life experience has been a different chapter in my book of life that has served to inspire creativity. This life evolution produced a surge of energy that I began releasing through artistic expression.

With the companionship of my precious pooch, Chloe, my desire is to create works that open up the mind to the endless possibilities and new life these otherwise common materials and forgotten objects can evolve into. The “Skye” truly is the limit with what the mind can create!

What's New in the Land of Lil?

Latest Work
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Latest News
Upcoming Show | 06.01.12 } 8P-2A | Pancakes & Booze ] LA's famous underground art show is coming to Phoenix! Details »
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